Sunday, February 28, 2010

100 Nautical Miles 海里 in 24 hours

In the past Rik has successfully completed the Amakusa`s Circumnavigation , 175km in under 24 hours (the standing record is 23 hours and 19 minutes). Now for the next challenge: to complete the circumnavigation and add another 10km, making it an even 100 nautical miles (185.2km) in under 24 hours.


Over the past year we have been making extensive current measurements, in part to try and plot a course for the circumnavigation that would maximize all possible benefits from the strong currents that exist around Amakusa. To be successful in this endeavor, Rik needs not only the best course but also the fastest currents of the year, which are generally in the spring and fall during spring tides. The combination of a high spring tide on a weekend happens only a few times a year. With this weekend's weather forecast looking favorable, Rik in top notch shape, and our fast, comfortable, and excellent Waterfield touring kayak dusted off, today is the day! And he`s OFF!


Currently at 22:09, Rik passed on the outside of Hinoshima in Kami Amakusa. According to his prediction, his estimated time was going to be 22:47. Presently at Hinoshima 77km into the trip, he is over half an hour ahead of schedule!

To keep track of Rik`s progress live click on this link
Rik getting ready to launch from beside the power plant in Reihoku.
Leanne tracking Rik as he motors his way past Reihoku`s Shikizaki Cape.リックは天草の北西の極端にある四季咲岬を通ります。

Wondering what the boy is eating? Calorie Mates, chocolate bars, energy drinks, condensed milk, and COKE. On the way, he is not planning to let the kayak so much as glide to a stop, so these victuals were selected for high calorie per unit consumption time. Cram in mouth and GO! Needless to say, he's also bringing antacid powder. 美味しそう?リックは、途中休憩しないから、速く口に入れる漕ぎっぱなし食いモンです。


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