Thursday, August 13, 2009

Little Treasure Island 小宝島

Pirates sailing to Kodakara (Little Treasure) Island.

A view from the high point of Takara island of its coastline. A rock called 'Mootachi' stands alone in the sea, on guard against pirates and treasure hunters.


To follow our progress live, track us via SPOT.現在位置はスポットで見てください。

On Takarajima (Treasure Island) we ran into Makiguchi-san, a friendly resident who offered to take us on a tour in her truck. What luck! We went to the lighthouse in the island's deserted south end where there was a very scenic view of the rocky coast. We went up Mt. Imakira, the island's highest peak at 294m, from where one can reputedly see Yokoate-jima, where we came from, Amami-Oshima, and even distant Kikai-jima to the southeast, but not today: it was so hazy that only Kodakara-jima, about 13km away, could be seen. We went to Kannondo cave, a large limestone cavern where it was damp and cool and altogether more comfortable than the scorching heat and stifling humidity of the outside. Finally, Makiguchi-san showed us the two Takara horses her family was keeping. The pony-sized horses are have been kept on these islands since time immemoriam but on Takarajima there are only these two, for now.

Unwiding after a short but exciting traverse at the Yudomari natural hot springs in Kodakara-jima (free of charge).エキサイティングの横断の後小宝島の快適な湯泊露天風呂で心を癒す(無料)。


Much of the flat area on Kodakara is cow pasture. Like its neighbor Takara-jima, and in contrast most of the other Tokaras which are volcanoes, this island was formed by uplift of an ancient coral reef, and strange-shaped coral rocks protrude from the surface here and there.

Most of the Tokaras are surrounded by a raised band of reef that forms a natural rampart against 10-meter typhoon waves but also makes kayak landings difficult if not impossible. Safe landings are generally limited to the artificial ports. 小宝島を囲む唯一の岩棚で、「タチガ三」と言われるグロテスクな形の岩が点々そびえている。この岩棚は台風の波を防ぐけど、シーカヤックの上陸が非常に難しい。一般的にトカラでは漁港のスロープで。

Leanne chats with locals.



  • 頑張ってますね。僕も次の遠征計画、着々と進んでます。enjoy!

    By Blogger jogo, at 11:40 am  

  • You guys! You manage to find and snap the strangest pictures. Far, far out.

    By Anonymous MomnDad Vibe, at 11:47 pm  

  • Hi guys, I'm with you in spirit but certainly not hardship. This early morning I went out in a 12 foot river kayak and explored a couple of glassy small lakes connected by a creek here in central Michigan. Mist rising off the water and loons calling. But I also had a sandy little beach for a landing plus hot fresh coffee and an English muffin waiting for me.

    By Blogger Wu Di, at 3:15 am  

  • it truly is extraordinary here. this morning the sunrise was unbelievable, and now we are off....

    By Blogger Leanne and Rik Brezina, at 5:53 am  

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