Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July 21st Evening Update

現在のレーダー The current radar image
I just got off the phone with Rik and he said that it was so humid that there were raindrops falling out of a clear sky. The weather forecast is still looking bleak for tomorrow, but after a lot of careful thinking, they decided to stay on the east coast of Yakushuma in Anbou and hope for the best. Rik figures that with the prevailing westerly winds, the rainshadow of the mountains on the east coast may be the best place to view the eclipse.

In Amakusa, things are looking better with forecasts for partially clear skies tomorrow. I'm going to go surfing, and hopefully enjoy the eclipse in Reihoku.
This is our trusty internet weather forecast source: Windguru. It's predicting rain for tomorrow. This time however we are hoping that they are out to lunch. これは普段使っているウインドグルーて言う天気予報。ほとんど当たるが、今回の雨の予報は大間違えと祈ります。



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