Saturday, May 09, 2009

Cherry Blossoms and Rough Seas 花見と荒れた海

Cherry blossom season has come and gone, and summer temperatures are here. The sea is nearly warm enough to swim. This year, during the season's final north blow, we combined cherry blossom viewing with a little fun out on the sea. もう大分季節が外れているけど、今年の花見は、荒れた海での遊びと組み合わせて面白かったから、少し写真を入れます。


One of our favorite parts of Amakusa is the lower west coast of Shimo-shima. Here there is a great variety of scenery, scant human interference, and unlike much of the rest of our home island, geography makes it possible to spot a bike and make a one-way kayak tour. Starting in the deep inland bays of Kameura and Yokaku, transitioning to the exposed, rocky coast of Mukobeta, onto a mini (5km) open water traverse of Oniki Bay, then getting lost among the shoals of Mogushi, the tour finishes near Amakusa's southern limits at Satsuki Bay. Shorter variations of this 32km tour are also possible, and to return to the car by bicycle takes less than 45 minutes. This time, the contrast in the scenery was heightened the considerable swell along the exposed areas of the coast.

Old stone walls and abandoned houses tell of a busier past along the calm shores of Kameura Bay.


A chance meeting. 'Amakusa Kayak Club' members Suemitsu-san and Ishihara-san send us off at the edge of the rough. なんと偶然だ!羊角湾にて、「カヤッククラブ」のメンバー二人に会った。

Things begin to get a bit more serious along the exposed Mukobeta coast. Near Cape Oniki, the coast is very steep and so it's possible to approach the cliff in relative safety for a bit of exciting water-treading.


Look, we're not the only crazies around. Rough water is the best for fishing, a most popular pastime in these parts. Truth be told, a kayak on the water is way safer than standing on a slick rock getting washed over by surf. こんな状態でシーカヤックが危ないと思っている人は、この釣り人はどう思う?勿論、荒れた海はよく釣れる。でも確かに、カヤックのほうが安全でしょう。

Too slow in the fog. Rick attempts to ride a boomer. 魚貫湾の横断途中、浅瀬が転々あって、こんな荒れた時ブーマーになる。リックが、一本の波に乗って見る。

Wild Boar enjoyed a dip. 猪も、海水浴を楽しんだ。



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