Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July 21st Day Three Eclipse Tour

090720 progress map
This map was made using data compiled from the SPOT tracking unit.

According to the Japanese Coast Guard wind measuring device, today at 11:25am in Kusagaki, the wind speed was 13m/s SW. This unfortunate wind direction and strength has grounded the progress of the Eclipse Expedition. Rik and Jogo are now landbound on the East side of Yakushima near Anbou. They will camp there tonight and will attempt to view the eclipse tomorrow morning. Currently the weather forecast for tomorrow is for storms passing through the area accompanied by rain showers.

all packed
A fully loaded car: a double kayak, two single kayaks, 4 people, equipment, and over 50L of water.

final plans
Final strategy planning on the dawn of the first day of the expedition.

pushing off
Giving the loaded kayak a good push.

getting going
And they're off!



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