Wednesday, August 02, 2006

farmers go kayaking

farmers go kayaking, originally uploaded by vibromama.

On Tuesday morning bright and early a group of foreign farmers (please note the stylish farming hats) decided to go on a kayak trip. With the support of a local kayaking guide Kenji Suemitsu we were able to acquire enough boats to outfit our motley crew. It's not everyday when a kayaking company in Japan gets a request for 6 people between 5'8 and 6'4.
The weather was perfect with hardly a ripple on the surface of the water. We even saw a group of dolphins, which is quite unusual in Ushibuka- the southern most part of Amakusa. After an energizing lunch, and chilled oranges we went snorkeling and hung out on the beach.
Two members of our group had just arrived the previous day from England, but managed to keep up a sprightly pace despite their jet lag. Definitely the most sporty kayakers were the two on the banana shaped double -Anna and Tom. Their coordination and fast pace left us wondering if they had a secret motor attached to their vessel. Of course only the best of couples can paddle a double kayak without finishing by intentionally or accidentally hitting each other over the head. It says a lot for the strength and commitment in their relationship.
I'm also happy that everyone was able to work without difficulties after wards. In fact our staff that day at our beloved workplace- Eucali seemed to have more energy than normal.

For more pictures of the trip visit our flicker site


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