Monday, July 17, 2006

Japanese Dancing

Recently I took part in a Japanese Dance Performance. I have been studying Japanese dance over the past 3 years and have learned various types of traditional dances. This year I danced a classic women's dance called "Ume no Kaori". The movements in the dance were supposed to be very delicate and subtle, which was no easy task considering my chunky rock climbing hands and my recently bulging back muscles.
In contrast, "Yawara" a strong men's dance, had very dramatic and large movements, somewhat resembling martial arts. In this scene, I am writing a love letter before entering battle. I'm supposed to look tender yet severe. What do you think?!
love letter
Thanks to my teacher Mrs.Sakaguchi for teaching me privately every week during this year without charge. I appreciate her generosity and dedication to her pursuits.
All pictures were taken by Ian Richmond. To see more of his pics check out his flicker account at


  • Cool! Nice Hair!
    Looks like fun!

    By Anonymous Anita, at 1:52 pm  

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