Thursday, June 08, 2006

climbing at Nodake

climbing at Nodake, originally uploaded by vibromama.

Ever since we came back from our climbing trip in Mexico during the New Year holiday, we have been psyched about climbing. On most weekends, weather permitting, we hit the closest crag (a mere 2 hour drive and $20 dollar- 30 minute ferry ride). The area is called Nodake and offers climbs at all levels. For such a small area, there are many high quality climbs. The scene at the cliff is friendly, and climbers both young and old gather from all over Kyushu. On this particular day we were posing for pictures taken by a new friend, Mr. Yugawa, an accomplished paraglider and an interesting character.

Rik on Higashi Route
Here Rik warms up on one of our favorites "The Higashi Route".


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