Monday, June 26, 2006


Our trip to Goto is long over, but still I would like to thank and rethank all the people who showed us so much kindness during our trip.
First of all Kenji Suemitsu, a kayak guide in Amakusa, who supplied us with current up to date weather forecasts throughout our trip. Without this valuable information we could never have proceeded with confidence.
Also, thanks to Meiji Taniguchi who let us park our car at his workshop in Nagasaki. What a great friend!
During our trip so many people were kind to us including the ferry workpeople, the local fisherpeople, the shop owners and kids. During these trips, it's the people we meet that really make the experience. The people living on these out of the way island are very patient, curious and kind. I especially have a soft spot for the darling old grandmother types who brought us freshly made miso soup and various treats.
Thanks also to Kazumi Matsushita and her mother for the mini oranges for our trip. They were refreshing and delicious.
This was a wonderful trip, I recommend it to kayakers and cyclist. If anyone wants copies of any of our maps, please feel free to contact us.


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