Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Summer heat

According to news reporters the rainy season has finally come to a close. Now in it's place we have the intense heat and humidity of summer. I wake up in the morning because I am too hot. Upon checking the thermometer in my house I sigh as I read the whopping 31.7 degrees. We have to get out of here. We have several options; lie like vegetables in front of the fan while sweat dribbles down our bodies, go to the JUSCO (the local airconditioned mall) or get on our kayaks and go snorkeling.
Since we have our kayaks we are able to go snorkeling in various remote areas where the ecosystems are flourishing. Due to increasingly warmer seas, coral and tropical fish are increasing in Amakusa.
Often when we are kayaking, we simply put on our goggles and flip over. This allows us the opportunity to snorkel in fast currents or far away from the shore.

coral psychedelica
eager eel


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