Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ikusaka- Paragliding afterhours in Nagano

This summer we went to Nagano for a paragliding vacation. In the afternoons the mountain winds would change from south to north and all paragliders in the area would drift to Ikusaka, a north facing area to glide effortlessly along the picturesque ridge.


  • Wow! Looks so beautiful there! I can see why it was a good place for the Olympics.

    Looks like you have lots of friends to share these moments with. So neat.

    I think I get a similar feeling when I'm up at Whitewater Ski Resort in Nelson on a sick powder day and all my friends start carving their way down the mountain and I follow too. Not the same as flying, but the mountain views, the air rushing past, the feeling of feeling small when you can see so far but still safe because you are with your friends.

    I love the blooper at the end.

    By Blogger Kootenay Mom and Dad, at 10:33 pm  

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