Thursday, December 23, 2010

Listen here comes Santa Claus

In Canada Santa comes on a sleigh, in Australia surfing on a surf board, and in Amakusa paragliding!

Santa cheered on by some preschoolers as he paraglides from Mt.Kuratake, in Kumamoto, Japan


  • Wonderful surprise and christmas gift for the fliers of the next generation!! サンタと子供達の笑顔が素敵(^^)/ Happy Holiday!

    By Blogger Kaz, at 1:03 pm  

  • So cute!

    By Blogger Kootenay Mom and Dad, at 6:53 am  


    Nice Rick Santa .

    Thank you for the picture that wild & cute

    takaaki nisikawa from yatusiro

    By Blogger yattiro13, at 10:40 pm  

  • great to hear from you nishikawa san. 天草に来る時は連絡してください。パラはどうですか。やってみたいですか。

    By Blogger Leanne and Rik Brezina, at 12:31 am  

  • There is a feeling, and there be it, and the scenery from the sky

    What day of the week do you do it ?
    I Can join exclude sunday and tuesday.

    I want to go to look once.

    By Blogger yattiro13, at 6:41 am  

  • hi mr.yattiro. thank you for your interesting comment. we are usually paragliding at Kuratake during the week if the weather is good. check out the kuratake blog

    let us know when you are coming!

    By Blogger Leanne and Rik Brezina, at 1:05 am  

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