Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kuratake Amakusa

Our home area: Kuratake, Amakusa, Kumamoto, JAPAN. Could you ask for anything more?


  • hey you guys are getting too good! what's next on the agenda?

    By Blogger lubo, at 12:57 am  

  • Thank you for a excellent video!!
    It became feelings where I also was flying together. It is glad when devising it more when returning it from the processed image to a real color. Please come also to kotohira to fly.

    By Anonymous hiroko.E, at 1:23 am  

  • heh lubo. we are still waiting for your next trip to Amakusa! Looking forward to seeing you all in a few weeks.

    By Blogger Leanne and Rik Brezina, at 6:50 pm  

  • No, we certainly couldn't have asked for anything more. Thank you for the views of Kuratake! Tom & Anna Court

    By Anonymous Tom&Anna Court, at 5:10 am  

  • hello tom and anna. nice to hear from you. Your once home, Kuratake is now our home away from home as we go there almost daily to hone our skills. You are remembered fondly by the various locals we meet.

    By Blogger Leanne and Rik Brezina, at 8:42 am  

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