Monday, March 01, 2010

100 Nautical Miles 海里 in 24 hours UPDATE

amakusa circumnavigation 2 copy


First of all, for all those concerned about the tsunami predictions in Japan, officially on February 28 at 23:46 the tsunami warnings were cancelled.

happy camper
Around 6pm a small cheering squad greeted Rik as he passed through the narrow strait 46km into the trip.

Here is the happy guy as he avoids a slight head current by hugging the shore in the glass-calm Misumi Strait at sunset.

Currently(2:25am)at the Shikizaki-Misaki light house, the wind was recorded as 4m/s from the south. As Rik is just about to pass the south point of his route, it looks like he will be cruising on a tail wind soon! Now he will just have to battle against the lack of sleep, tired muscles and the monotony of pushing the paddle through the water one painful stroke after another. Follow Rik at SPOT.


tsubaki single GO CANADA GO!!!!  GOLD IN MEN`S HOCKEY!!!


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