Monday, March 01, 2010

100 Nautical Miles (100海里) in 24 hours SUCCESS

amakusa circumnavigation Complete

We are home safe and sound after an overwhelmingly successful circumnavigation of the entire Amakusa archipelago, plus an addtional 15km or so to make more than 100 nautical miles (185.2km) in under 24 hours. This also sets a new record for the circumnavigation of Amakusa (175km) in just over 21 hours, shaving more than two hours (!) off the previous record. The final part of the journey was completed in stormy conditions with 25knot wind, 2m waves, and a scary lightning storm which forced Rik to seek refuge on shore and lose precious time. Despite this 30 minute delay, he was still able to complete the 100 mile project successfully. The circumnavigation itself was completed without interruption in the nick of time before the lightning started, and Rik figures the overall conditions were so perfect it is unlikely a significantly faster time can be achieved: the circuit average speed was about 8.4km/h.


  • ちゃれんじ成功おめでとう!!!




    By Blogger kazumi, at 4:23 pm  

  • thanks kazumi for the nice comment, and also for coming to Misumi with Leanne to cheer me on.

    By Blogger Leanne and Rik Brezina, at 4:28 pm  

  • Woot woot! Congrats! Sounds like a lot of adrenaline pumping through both of you! Glad you made it through, storms and all!

    By Blogger Kootenay Mom and Dad, at 1:41 pm  

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