Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Koshiki Island Exploration

kyushu outlineGetting back from a big holiday, it is always difficult to readjust to our circumstances. We love living in Amakusa, but we know this place really well; we are always prepared for what awaits us around the corner. Of course there are still surprises, but nothing like the thrill of being some place completely unfamiliar and new. Not wanting the excitement of our big summer trip to fade, we went again this weekend to an unexplored set of islands near Amakusa. These islands are known as “Koshiki” which means “rice cooker” after a rock which apparently resembles just that.
Getting to these islands was not an easy matter, first we had to take the ferry from Ushibuka to Nagashima, drive south to Kushikino City, and then take a very long ferry ride to the islands. Not only was it a long journey, but a fairly pricey one; that is to say, money well spent! What an amazing place. We loved it; beautiful clean sea, lots of fish, spectacular scenery, steep mountains, friendly people and perhaps best of all very beautiful rock.


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