Saturday, July 23, 2005


fukasima1, originally uploaded by vibromama.

Departing Shimoaso Beach, we were wisely warned by the lifeguard about the rip currents and told that even though today swimming is prohibited, we’ll be OK, right? Waiting for an ephemeral lull in the incoming waves, we made it past the surf line without embarrassment. Away from the coast, the water surface took on an oily feeling. The air was quite hot and still. The typhoon swell manifested itself as a periodic heaving of our boats: slowly up, then down. Luckily, neither of us are especially susceptible to seasickness. Past the natural breakwater of Shimanoura Island, the ocean became a rolling, moving landscape, and the coastline where the waves were breaking violently was only visible from the crests of the typhoon waves. Staying well clear of all rocky obstacles, we steered for Fukashima, a small island with an alluring profile about 3km off the coast. At its southern cape, where this picture was taken, the swell was heaving and breaking against the cliffs with superhuman force. The cape’s steep-to profile afforded us a close yet safe vantage point to watch the dissipation of the ocean’s vast energies. Around us, streams of white foam floated on the ocean surface; traversing these in a kayak was blinding in the sunshine, and rather psychedelic.


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