Wednesday, August 31, 2005


napoleon2, originally uploaded by vibromama.
This famous rock originally called “Chuuse” and now better known as “Napoleon Rock” for its obvious resemblance was the most eye-catching landmark of the island.
Near the Napoleon rock we went into the harbor of a small village. There we were greeted, offered tea and snacks by an 84 year old, agile local man running the village store. He explained a little about the history of the island and the present day problems and concerns. Due to the depopulation of most rural areas in Japan, their local elementary school with only 12 children is being threatened with closure. Also due to the large concrete walls and barrage of tetra pods lining their once modest harbor, when typhoons hit the west coast, they smash against these walls showering the village in salty rain. Here we heard the reoccurring tragedy of local construction projects being decided by people out of touch with the environment and the needs of the people.


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