Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Amakusa Circumnavigation in 24hours -3rd attempt

Today's conditions seem perfect for the Rik's solo attempt at the 24 hour circumnavigation of Amakusa. The tides are aligned, the weather is calm, Rik's condition is good, and a top notch kayak was generously loaned by Mr. Mizuno, owner of the famous Kumamoto Kayak maker Waterfield Kayak.
Waterfield Kayaks are internationally renown, beautifully handcrafted boats, created with special care and attention to detail.
Rik is starting on Amakusa's west coast in Reihoku and is scheduled to be kayaking through the Mizumi strait around 7 am Wednesday, March 21st. As there is a live web cam on the lighthouse in Mizumi, it will hopefully be possible to catch his progress. Stay tuned for updates. Click for details about past attempts.


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