Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Falling roads

fall trail
Going off road on Tenjiku mountain

Recently on Saturday mornings before work, we have been going on bike trips with a group of dedicated cyclist. Every time we explore a different area, with a mix of paved roads, dirt roads, single track and sometimes even a little hiking while carrying our bikes. This Saturday morning we got up bright and early, packed up our mountain bikes in a few cars and drove to Kawaura.
Our trip included a stretch on a new road in Sakitsu, which we had discovered the previous year. At that time when we first biked it we couldn't believe what a crazy unnecessary road it was, following an impossible line, contouring a steep mountainside. The amount of concrete used to create the road was really flabbergasting.
concrete walls
This year, we found the road in disarray, at least 6 major landslides which seem irreparable. The slides themselves are due to the cutting of the mountain during the road construction. What a tragic misuse of tax money! Not only a big waste of money but an environmental disaster.
road slide


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