Tuesday, October 18, 2005


takakura, originally uploaded by vibromama.

The coast had gradually become flat and more populated, with continuous long beaches and outlying reefs. The sandy bottom gave the sea a beautiful turquoise color. As character of the coast softened, so did our resolve to forge on relentlessly. We had been covering good distance each day, afraid to be pinned against the coast for days by the swell of a typhoon. Now, with only an easy day of Pacific coast left, and no typhoons in sight, we relaxed our pace. We snorkeled at midday, walked around the seaside villages in the evenings, and camped and fished in small harbors. Although we saw the typical signs of overbuilding everywhere, progress in this very rural area has been somewhat slower than elsewhere. Old wooden structures, such as this ‘takakura’ (high storehouse) with its high smooth pillars to keep out rodents, still survive here and there.


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