Tuesday, September 13, 2005


okidomari1, originally uploaded by vibromama.

This idyllic-looking campsite is on a public beach called Okidomari. The beach has full facilities but is free for the citizens to use. With few visitors, it’s mostly the town locals that use it and it was obvious no one would mind us camping right on the beach, though there is also a free campground set up invisibly in the bushes above.


Okidomari has a reef with a channel (and another ugly but convenient new port); it is a good spot for snorkeling.


That night at high tide as we were cooking dinner we heard a rustling nearby. As it was already dark we searched around with our headlamps and discovered to our delight two freshly hatched baby sea turtles. They must have been attracted to our bright lights. We quickly turned off our lights and watched them shuffle down the beach to the sea and get picked up by a wave. Off into the great unknown!


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