Tuesday, October 18, 2005


kasarizaki, originally uploaded by vibromama.

By mid-morning of the next day we rounded our journey’s northernmost point, Cape Kasari. A climb to the lighthouse via a narrow path revealed an expansive view of the Pacific meeting the East China Sea; the two unequal waters swirl with turbulence upon meeting. As luck would have it, the current now seemed to be from the southwest and would, of course, conspired to slow our progress. Watching some debris drifting along, we realized that were it not for the protective shallows inside the reef, we would hardly be able to make progress against the fast-moving water. If one were to continue island-hopping, this current, plus the nearly 100km of open water to the next nearest island, would present a formidable obstacle.
We contented ourselves with hugging the shore, keeping a stiff pace and trying to cover distance before the falling tide would leave us stranded on top of the shallow reefs.


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