Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Last big crossing


Only one more big crossing would take us to Amami Ooshima, the final island of our journey. Although this was a relatively short crossing of 25km, leaving the security of Tokunoshima’s coast was daunting. The waves in places were around 2 meters, caused by the north-west wind in opposition to the westward setting Kuroshio Current, which at 4km/h seemed faster here than ever. Our forward speed averaged about 2.5 km/h for hours on end in spite of hard paddling and wave surfing. Yoro Island seemed forever out of reach. Resting was out of the question, as any break equaled an appalling loss of ground and besides the sea was too rough for a swim or even bringing the kayaks together. After a long day, we arrived exhausted but high at the beach in Yoro’s only village. We were received enthusiastically by a bunch of young kids playing in the sea.


  • Hi Leanne and Richard! Looks like you have had an exciting and wonderful trip. Your pictures bring a new perspective to our view of Japan. We were up to see your parents in Erin Leanne, and they are well. John is starting back to work occasionally with Daniel, and your grandmother is staying with them until the end of the year. We called Chris and left a message enquiring about Ian's safety in Cuba, which has just been hit by hurricane Wilma. We hope you are both well and you certainly seem to be enjoying life.
    ps. Do you still have an e-mail address? Take care, Hugh & Karen

    By Anonymous Hugh Moore, at 11:18 am  

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