Saturday, January 26, 2013


朝霧でやっと飛んだ。コンディシオンはちょっと渋かったが、富士山を眺めながら飛ぶことは最高でした。関東の友達に会ってきてとても楽しい週末でした。夜の食事会もたくさんのパイロットと話して楽しかった。 川地さん10周年おめでとう! We finally flew at the famous Asagiri in Shizuoka Prefecture. Gazing at Mt.Fuji as we wove our way through the overwhelming number of paragliders was a daunting yet fantastic experience. After a full day of paragliding we enjoyed relaxing and chatting with other paragliders from around Japan. Congratulations to our paragliding teacher Kawachi on the tenth anniversary of his "paragliding brush up community".


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