Sunday, July 22, 2007

my little sister gets hitched!

wedding picture

Anita and Wes getting married. Drawing by Payton Vibe, age 7.

Last week, I (Leanne) had a wonderful trip to Canada. The main reason for my journey was to attend my little sister Anita's wedding. Another big plus of the trip was that I got to see my family and friends -a thing that doesn't happend very often for us especially while we've been living in Japan. Taking 10 days off from work was a really big deal. Unfortunatly it was absolutely impossible for Rik and I to both attend the wedding. So, for the first time in the 6 years since we were married, we were apart. We both survived, but concluded that being together is better!

vibe family

My sister lives in Nakusp, which is a small town of only 1800 people. Set in the mountains on a lake, Nakusp is a gorgeous place to live.
Swimming in the crystal clean snow fed lake was an invigorating experience. Diving down deep with my eyes wide open I almost felt like I had entered a new universe.

Anita and Wes also have 2 great dogs- Piper and Oden. It's so great to be outdoors with active and friendly dogs.

The ten days I spent in Nakusp went by like a whirlwind. Most days were full of preparations for the wedding. A 3 day wedding, all self catered is a lot of work. We made so much delicious food including appropriate food for vegetarians, carnivors, children etc. The menu was so varied that I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

The day of the wedding was of course hot and clear (everyday was hot and clear). In the morning we drove to a little town called New Denver and most of the women involved with the wedding participated in a yoga class. This was exactly what we all needed after all the week long preparations and pre-wedding jitters. At the end of the yoga session I think more than half of us fell asleep in the final resting pose.

The wedding ceremony was perfect- the bride and the groom were relaxed and happy. The food was delicious, especially the grilled wild salmon. The organic wine and locally brewed kegs of beer helped to enrich the party.

shall we dance

After dinner there was an awesome live band that played for hours. I was so impressed with the enthusiasm of the band. I think EVERYONE in attendance at the wedding danced. The energy of the band was catching and we were all pulled into the driving rhythm of the music.

Here is a picture of farfar Vibe (farfar means father's father in Danish) dancing with his granddaughter Morgan.

When the band finished, so did the party. Almost immediately everyone retired exhausted to their tents and accomodations.

anita and wes
Anita and Wes make such a lovely couple. I was thrilled to have been able to share in this celebration of love with them and our families and friends.


  • Lovely words for a lovely time! Thank you so much for coming and helping in making it so wonderful!
    Love you

    By Anonymous Anita, at 1:44 am  

  • Karen and Hugh said:
    It looks like you all had a fantastic time sharing in the celebration of this happy and memorable day. We liked the pictures of the happy bride and groom, as well as the great family picture, in this meaningful event. The unique art was a great intro.

    By Blogger cyberguy63, at 11:41 am  

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