Friday, June 17, 2005


sunset1, originally uploaded by amakusavibe.

Rice farmers delight at the coming of the rainy season, as do photographers. The moisture-laden air precipitates clouds at all levels, often in interesting shapes and patterns. Sunsets can be quite spectacular. This one caught us off-guard in the midst of our harried efforts to secure both food and a campsite before the light of day faded. Populated as it is, the coast was not overly generous in these respects: stores and restaurants seem to appear only after a paddle and/or walk significantly out of the way, and good campsites are scarce overall. But either can be gotten in a pinch. A tiny shop in a small village was spotted with our handy monocular. It provided a motley selection of traditional and junk food. We judged the nearby artificial beach of Tsuruga-hama OK to spend the night, though a sign says camping and even boating are not allowed. Well, this not being the “swimming season”, no one was there to notice. We were exhausted, sleepy, and hungry, so we consumed the assorted foods a little too quickly and went to bed immediately. The occasional hot-wheels car roared noisily by at night, and at some ungodly hour a noisy group of youths loitered around the beach for a while, but this was scarcely noticed in our state.


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