Tuesday, May 10, 2005


kisaka, originally uploaded by vibromama.

The following morning we continued making progress up the west coast under bright, sunny, and nearly calm conditions. We floated by Tsunashima, a group of small-uninhabited islands. The vegetation and wildlife on these islets are also protected. They did not seem too unique as we passed them by, however. The coast itself was steep with many bumpy, low hills made of soft rock, a condition that continued more or less all the way to Tsushima's northern extremity. The nearby inlet with the town of Mine at its head was visibly polluting the water; and some more pollution can be seen in the foreground of this picture issuing from the tiny town of Kisaka. Like in Amakusa the extent of such pollution can be seen clearly on any calm day. Of course we had no reason to expect Tsushima would be somehow ahead of the rest of Japan in the application of sewage treatment.


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