Tuesday, May 10, 2005


hitotubatago3, originally uploaded by vibromama.

Returning to the coast we changed course unexpectedly, attracted by a large greenish-white patch on the coastal mountainside. Coming closer, we realized the whole mountain was abloom with a thick, white blanket of flowers. These trees are called 'Hitotsubatago' and for some reason grow very thickly on the hillsides around the tiny village of Waniura ('Alligator Bay'). As luck would have it the village was just having its yearly Hitotsubatago Festival, and we even witnessed 'Nanjamonja', the local dance performed by a dozen or so costumed ladies of the village.
This was the only place on our trip where we saw anything that could remotely be called a crowd of tourists, though most seemed to be locals from the neighboring towns coming to enjoy the small celebration.


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