Tuesday, May 10, 2005



Asou Bay is the most popular kayaking destination in Tsushima, and no wonder, what with its innumerable coves, inlets and passages. It is a docile place, navigable in nearly all weather. Tidal currents are weak here since the bay is nearly closed off on the east side, and has a wide mouth on the west. One could spend a couple weeks here alone, exploring all these nooks and crannies.

Today, with a steady 17-knot wind blowing from the north, the open seas would have been unfriendly indeed. It was getting hard to believe our constant good luck as we paddled a circuitous course within the safe confines of the bay.

bay, originally uploaded by vibromama.
One would have to taste the water to know this is really the sea; the scenery reminded us strongly of the inland lakes in our home Canadian province of Ontario, where we had on occasion paddled around in a canoe.


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