Tuesday, April 26, 2005


ohama, originally uploaded by vibromama.

Heading out at 9:30 we caught the "spring tide", moving south.
As we were cruising down the Hachiman Seto along the west coast of Nagashima, a speedboat carrying four sunburned men approached us. To our surprise the boat pulled alongside us and we were asked for directions to Haiya Ohashi in Ushibuka City about 20km to the south. It was obvious that the boaters had no idea where they were. It seemed to us to be a little precocious to be speeding around without a chart amidst an archipelago of islands, rocks and shoals. The boat sped off again, hopefully finding its way.
Our first bathroom break on Nagashima was the unexpectedly beautiful Ohama beach. A minute before this picture was taken a couple of tourists took their picture beside our boats, evidently finding them picturesque.


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