Friday, April 08, 2005


coastline, originally uploaded by vibromama.

Kyushu's east coast near the border between Oita Prefecture and Miyazaki Prefecture is ragged and dotted with caves and cliffs. A lot of this coastline is inaccessible by car, but in a kayak, one can explore the area thoroughly. Since it faces the Pacific Ocean, there is often swell, which makes exploring the caves next to impossible. These are best explored during the winter season when there are extended periods of westerly airflow.

The "Kuroshio Current", the second strongest current in the world after the Gulf Stream, hugs Japan's Pacific coast. This current brings a warm-temperate climate to this area, providing a long growing season for vegetation. From June to September, tropical typhoons bring strong winds and heavy rain to this coast. In winter, temperatures and rainfall levels drop, often creating conditions that are even colder than the snowy winters on the western side of Honshu. Due to these conditions, there are many unusual plants and trees growing here.


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