Tuesday, March 22, 2005


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Encased in several layers of rubber, I overheated in the stagnant balmy air and at Tonozaki, the southwest tip of Kamishima, I collapsed catatonically against the concrete seawall.

With a few snacks and refreshments we were fine again, and cruised casually back into Hondo through the narrow Hondo straits, opportunistically surfing the wakes of several boats which sped by. Under such conditions one begins to really notice how polluted the Japanese inland seas really are. The tide had just turned in the Machiyamaguchi river estuary backing up the filth flushed untreated into the river by Hondo's 40,000 inhabitants. In a country with so much needless construction and expenditures one has to wonder why more than half the sewage here is dumped untreated into the rivers and seas.


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