Thursday, March 03, 2005

Beautiful Amakusa

nagahae, originally uploaded by amakusavibe.

We were blessed with a hard sleep after the traumatic event of the evening before. The morning greeted us with a slight north wind, a calmer sea and a hazy sky. Our bodies felt achy and my hands were sore, probably from over-gripping my paddle out of fear. Unfortunately since the previous day was cut rudely short, we were forced to make up the distance to make it back to our starting point before our workday started at 3:00. Out we dashed into the fast moving current and cruised on our way. Time was at a premium however. We were left with a dilemma. We could hoof it back (in our exhausted state), hopefully encounter no problems and then arrive with seconds to spare in time for work. Of course that plan was ditched, Plan B was put into action. I docked in Hondo, leaving Rik to sprint the extra 15 km back to our car.

That day at work we were on a high, the exhaustion didn't hit us until the next day and the whole next week.


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